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Libya, also known as the Great People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is the fourth largest country in the continent of Africa. Libya is located in the northern part of Africa and it is referred to a Maghreb country which compromise Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania. Libya is approximately 678, 400 square mile (1,757,000 km²) 4 times the state of California and has a population of about 6,500,000. Libya share borders with Niger and Chad to the south, Algeria to the west, Tunisia to the northwest, Egypt to the east, and Sudan to the Southeast.

Libya was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, then the Italians and finally the British. King Mohamed Idris formally declared independence in December 1951. In 1959 large oil reserves were discovered, and with that discovery led to Libya out of poverty. While visiting Turkey, King Idris was dispose of by 27 yrs old, Muammar Quadaffi. Colonel Quadaffi is referred to as Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution.

The capital of Libya is Tripoli which is the largest city and It is the located in the west of the country near the Tunisian border. The population in Tripoli is over 1.5 million about ¼ of the population live here.

Libya is divided into three principal regions:

  • Fezzan
  • Cyrenaica
  • Tripolitania

These regions are then subdivided into 25 administrative regions:

  • Ajdabiya
  • Zileten
  • Darna
  • Al Aziziyah
  • Yefren
  • Benghazi
  • Al Fatah
  • Tubruk
  • Ghadamis
  • Al Jabal
  • Al Akhdar
  • Tripoli
  • Sofujin
  • Al Jufrah
  • Tarhuna
  • Nugat al Kahms
  • Al Khoms
  • Sirte
  • Al Kufrah
  • Sabha
  • Ash Shati
  • Gharyn
  • Ubari
  • Murzuk
  • Azzawiya
  • Al Khoms